Vivo iQOO U3x GCam Port | Download Google Camera

Vivo iQOO U3x GCam Port

The Vivo iQOO U3x, a versatile smartphone known for its efficient performance and impressive features, offers a solid foundation for photography enthusiasts.

To unlock the full potential of its camera system, integrating the Google Camera (GCam) port can significantly enhance the imaging capabilities.

Understanding GCam Ports

The Google Camera, known for its exclusive features on Pixel devices, employs advanced computational photography algorithms.

GCam ports, modified versions of the Google Camera app, have been adapted to function on various non-Pixel smartphones, granting access to Google’s powerful imaging technology.

Advantages of GCam on Vivo iQOO U3x

Integrating GCam on the Vivo iQOO U3x presents several advantages, including:

  1. Enhanced Image Processing: GCam’s advanced algorithms enhance image quality by refining details, dynamic range, and low-light performance.
  2. Night Sight Excellence: The dedicated Night Sight mode significantly improves low-light photography, capturing intricate details even in challenging lighting conditions.
  3. Astrophotography Capability: Unlock the Astrophotography mode with GCam, allowing users to capture stunning shots of the night sky with exceptional clarity.
  4. Refined Portrait Mode: GCam’s portrait mode provides precise edge detection and background blur, resulting in more natural and professional-looking portraits.

Download GCam Port on Vivo iQOO U3x

File Title Google Camera
System Requirements Android 10+
Creator Shamim, Big Kaka, BSG, Arnova8G2
Download Download Now

Steps to Install GCam Port on Vivo iQOO U3x

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

Before installing the GCam port, enable installation from unknown sources in the device settings. This allows the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Download and Install the GCam APK

Once a compatible GCam port is found, download the APK file. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the GCam app on the Vivo iQOO U3x.

Adjust Settings

After installation, open the GCam app and explore the available settings. Depending on the port version, certain configurations might require adjustments for optimal performance on the Vivo iQOO U3x.

Embrace Enhanced Photography

With the GCam port successfully installed, explore its diverse modes and features to elevate your Vivo iQOO U3x’s photography capabilities.


Incorporating a GCam port onto the Vivo iQOO U3x enriches the device’s camera system, enhancing the overall photography experience.

While GCam ports significantly improve image quality, their performance may vary based on different versions and device configurations.

Experimenting with various GCam ports and settings empowers users to discover the ideal configuration that maximizes the capabilities of the Vivo iQOO U3x’s camera system, enabling breathtaking captures and a more immersive photography journey.

Unlock the power of computational photography and elevate your Vivo iQOO U3x’s camera capabilities with the GCam port download! Feel free to include specific details or features about the GCam port or the Vivo iQOO U3x that you’d like to highlight!